Sculpture ground sloth life-size

Megalonyx Jeffersonii (”Jefferson’s giant claw”) stands 230 cm high, and it is a scientifically accurate reconstruction.

This life-size ground sloth sculpture was made for the historical museum Historyland. Paleontologist Dick Mol was appointed to approve this impressive model.

Many photos of the skeleton were studied and drawings of its anatomy had to be made. These drawings were used to construct a scale model of the sloth. Subsequently, a 3D scan was made of the model. The scan was used to print it out life-sized. Because the print was not sturdy enough, it was reinforced with polyester and fiberglass. After making a solid base, artificial fur was used to give the ground sloth its signature coat. Subsequently, the fur had to be cut and shaved to give it a realistic look. Epoxy clay was used to give it detail and lifelike features. Quality glass eyes were used to make it look as realistic as possible.

The Megalonyx Jeffersonii was most likely a descendant of the extant three-toed sloths.  It long has been thought to be a closer relative to the extant two-toed sloths, but recent research contradicted this belief. The name was derived from the late former American president Thomas Jefferson, who was a paleontology enthusiast. He obtained some unknown fossils previously thought to belong to some giant Lion. But obviously, it turned out to be the remnants of this giant ground sloth.