creator of exhibits for museums and visitor centers

Wolharige mammoet reconstructie voor musea, dierenparken en bezoekerscentrums. Gebruikt voor scholing door bekende bioloog Freek Vonk
Haaienbek voor entree gasten in museum
Wolharige neushoorn beeldhouwwerk life-size in opdracht voor dierenparken/bedrijven/educatieve doeleinden gemaakt door paleokunstenaar Jaap Roos

Jaap Roos Art

The company that turns ideas and plans into a beautiful creation. For example think of amusement parks, theme parks, festivals, family parks, zoos, props, and museums. Contemporary artist Jaap Roos designs and creates custom sculptures. He was born with natural artistic talent, which has been developed throughout life. As a result, he produces high-end 2D or 3D objects.

Sculpting extinct animal models is his passion. Jaap specializes in reconstructing prehistoric animals. His work is known for the combination of art and science. Therefore lots of drawings and research needs to be done. In addition, working closely with well-known paleontologists completes the study for each reconstruction. In conclusion, this makes him an exceptional paleo artist.

It all starts with sketching. The concept can be hand sculpted with clay. Carving with Styrofoam or Polyurethane is also a known method. For huge statues, a scale model can be made. Then blow up the model by using 3D printing or milling. Epoxy or polyester are used to create strong and solid statues.

The possibilities are all but endless. Therefore only limited by budget or imagination. On this website, you’ll find some examples ranging from life-size to scale models. The exhibits are very diverse including sculptures, murals, and drawings. In short, there is a lot to see for your viewing pleasure!  For inquiry don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to