Prehistoric diorama‘’From the Devonian to the Carboniferous’’.

The structure of this 3D diorama is 175 cm high and 250 cm wide.

This prehistoric diorama features reconstructions from the Devonian to the Carboniferous. Firstly the diorama displays a sculpture of the giant Carboniferous dragonfly or ‘’Griffenfly’’  Meganeura monyi. This dragonfly had a 70 cm wingspan, it was the largest known insect that ever existed. Secondly, the diorama displays a sculpture of the huge 70 cm long Carboniferous scorpion ‘’Pulmonoscorpius’’. It was the largest scorpion ever to walk on land. Thirdly, the diorama displays a sculpture of Tiktaalik roseae from the late Devonian. Tiktaalik was the first known fish to walk on land.  Additionally, in the water, a small species of Eurypterid or sea scorpion is to be seen. Epoxy resin was poured to create the pond. The flora is mainly represented by prehistoric Lepidodendron scale trees, ferns, club mosses, horsetails, and fern trees. In the background is a painting of a prehistoric landscape with mountains and a volcano. This 3D diorama is on display at the historical museum Historyland Hellevoetsluis.

Prehistoric diorama Devonian to the Carboniferous.